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Edvard Ødegaard

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Supported EdTech Integrations

You can add EdTech products into your room.

Currently we have support for the following third-party products.

Click to see in-depth guide for each integration and how to add to a Room.

- Pear Deck

- Kahoot

- Quizizz

- Nearpod

- Polypad

- GeoGebra

You can add them to a room from "Edit Mode":

How it works

You place an object inside a room

When a visitor goes close to the object, it will pop up and they can interact with it.

An example using Kahoot inside MegaMinds:

We display a placeholder in Edit Mode so that its easier for you to position it where you want. You can grab this and place it where you want.

Outside of Edit Mode:

The placeholder will now show the Kahoot when users approach it:

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