How to add Nearpod to my room?

Edvard Ødegaard

Last Update vor 4 Monaten

We support adding Nearpod to your room.

Finding your Nearpod link

1. Log in to Nearpod and find your lesson

2. Start a Student-Paced session

Student paced sessions are best, as people can come and go in your room without it being time-sensitive participation.

2. Copy the invite code as highlighted in orange in the example below.

Adding to MegaMinds

1. Open the room you'd like to use for the Nearpod session

2. Click "Add Content" on the toolbar

3. Click "Nearpod" from the list of components

4. Add the invite code you copied earlier and click "Add".

Nearpod is now added to your room.

You may now position and move the Nearpod component to your liking.

Disable Edit Mode to see the Nearpod window without the moving guide.

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