This article explores the different types of content you can add to a room.

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You can add text to your room as for example stand-alone paragraphs, or combine it with other objects to add extra context.

Text can be multi-line by pressing the "Enter" key while writing to start a new line.

Text can be aligned to the left, center or right.

You can adjust the max width to adjust when to break the line, allowing for both long sentences or compressed paragraphs.

Tip: Click the rainbow-colored button to set your own custom colors.


You can add a link to your room and place it anywhere you want.

Other users can click "Open Link" and explore external websites.


You can add YouTube videos to your room so that other users can walk up to them and click "Play".

The YouTube player appears just the same as the familiar one on


Stickynotes are similar to text, but they are always a black background with white text.

This is a fast way to for example give feedback in a room, or add additional context with uniform design to images or other content.

Freetext Question

Allows visitors to write text to your questions.

After submitting, the questions will appear on your dashboard.

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