How to add Kahoot to my room?

Add Kahoot for a fun quiz or assessment in your room.

Edvard Ødegaard

Last Update 10 months ago

You can add Kahoot to your room.

We recommend using Assigned Kahoots as they are not dependent on "live / real-time activity" but allows users to answer a quiz in their own pace when visiting your room.

Find your PIN

1. Go to, sign in and open the Kahoot you want to put into your room.

2. Click Assign

2. Adjust to your liking and click "Create"

3. Copy the PIN Code

Add Kahoot inside MegaMinds

1. Enter the room where you want to place Kahoot

2. Click "Add Content" button

3. Chose "Kahoot" from the menu

4. Paste the PIN code into the field and click "Add Kahoot to Room"

Finish up

The Kahoot is now added to the room.

With Edit Mode toggled, you can move it around in the room, and scale it to different sizes.

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