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The quick answer is Almost Everything!

From static content such as images and youtube videos, to interactive submission forms and 3D objects.

Full Component List


The Video Component will display video content inside the room. It acts as a flat plane object that can be moved, rotated, and scaled. If the video file contains audio, this will also be audible to users that are close to the video in the room.

Video Components are networked, meaning that its play/pause state is shared with all users in the room. This makes watching content together as groups an easy task.

Supported Formats

.mp4 .mov .webm


Be mindful of users that are connecting to the room with mobile devices, or otherwise less than ideal network conditions. Large video files may cause them to use unnecessary bandwidth over cellular data, or take a long time to load.


The Audio Component will play audio when users are nearby its position in the room. It is represented as a 2D plane with a music note icon so that it can grabbed and positioned, as well as provide controls such as play, pause, volume up, down, etc.

Supported Formats

.mp3 .aac .flac .m4a .wav .opus


The Image Component will display an image inside the classroom on a 2D plane. It does not feature any buttons such as on the Video and Audio components. It can be scaled, rotated, and positioned anywhere in the room.

Supported Formats

.bmp .jpg .jpeg .svg .png .webp .gif


The Gif Component will display an image with in the filetype .gif inside the classroom on a 2D plane. Some GIFs are still, while some contain motion. If a GIF image you upload is a moving ("like a video") GIF, it will feature the same controls as the Video Component.

It can be scaled, rotated, and positioned anywhere in the room.


The Youtube Component acts exactly the same as the Video Component., except that it uses a links as its source.

3D Models

3D Models can be placed in the room. They can be scaled, rotated, and positioned.

Supported Formats

.glb .gltf


The Text Component is used to place 2D text in your classroom. This is a very flexible tool.

You can change color and the text can be scaled, rotated and placed anywhere in the room. Use scaling to make the text bigger and smaller.

PDF Documents

PDF Documents can be placed in a classroom. They can be scaled, rotated and placed anywhere in the classroom.

PDF Documents have controls to navigate to next and previous pages.

Remember that you can convert almost any document format to PDF and then use it in MegaMinds! For example saving/exporting your PowerPoint slides, Microsoft Word Documents, Google Sheets or Excel Spreadsheet to PDF.


The Link Component is used to refer users to external websites from inside the room. A preview of the website will be shown, and users can click the "Open Link" button.

You can link to any website, including other EduTech platforms, Google Sheets, etc. See third party assessments for some inspiration.

Clicking the "Open Link" button will open the link in a new tab, keeping the MegaMinds window open.

Question Component

The Question Component will display a survey that users can fill out inside of your room. The component uses a red question mark to visualize its location.

A 3D model of a red question mark will be used as a guide to place this form in the room.

You can view submissions in the Dashboard -> Classrooms -> Submissions

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