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Quick Tips

Use the Text Component to leave simple directions

Screenshots are an easy way to add images or text - just screenshot something on another page, and then drag and drop the file to bring it into your classroom. Couldn’t be simpler!

Make the world your own - i.e. easter eggs for your students, GIFs, and other window dressing

How To Stage Your World For Learning

In general, an effective educational world will have these distinct areas:

A Direct Learning area

This is where your lesson is given.

An Interactive Learning area

Pick a area in your world where you can design an activity for your students to practice what they’ve learned in your lesson. For example, students could make use of 3D objects, the 3D pen, text, videos and even GIFs to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

A Reflection area

Pick a area where you can wrap up the lesson for your students. Leave a short quiz, exit poll, or sign out sheet to gauge their learning (just use the Question Component, drop a link to your quiz or Google Form). Consider creating a wrap up video to reinforce to your students what you want them to come away with and remind them they have full access to return to this world at any time.

Make Your World Fun!

Here are some ideas to try with your worlds to make them even more engaging and fun!

  • Try adding music (but don’t make it too loud to drown out any talking)
  • Leave encouraging pieces of video or audio around the room for your students to discover
  • Use GIFs and 3D objects to surprise and delight your students
  • Create drawing challenges on the collaborative whiteboard
  • Leave questions and encourage your students to record response videos to demonstrate knowledge.
  • Have your students search for GIFs, Photos, or 3D objects to add to the room that illustrate they’ve grasped your lesson conceptually. Have them take a screenshot of it and send it to you.
    • Showcase the best ones in the corner of your room.
  • Leave encouraging audio files around your world for students to discover.
  • Leave positive or inspirational quotes to encourage them.

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