Device and Network Requirements

What devices and networks support MegaMinds?

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Technical Requirements

MegaMinds is a browser-based platform and can be used on any device. For the best experience, use a laptop like a Chromebook. Though you can enter a virtual classroom and participate with a tablet or smartphones, they have reduced functionality. We are doing our best to optimize the platform so that it can be used on all devices, but some older devices may have trouble.

MegaMinds works best with the following requirements:

- Use a laptop (Chromebooks, Windows, Mac)

- Use Google Chrome or Firefox

- Use headphones with a microphone to reduce noise and echo

- Plug in your charger if using a laptop or phone

 - Phones and Tablets have reduced functionality

Connection Requirements

Most school WiFi networks will not experience difficulties connecting to MegaMinds. If you are unsure if your network can connect or not, try connecting to our tutorial room well in advance of a class to rule out any concerns.

If you are connected to a network that does not support the technical information defined below, please try the following alternatives:

- Try connecting to an alternative and less restrictive network

- Try connecting with a VPN connection

- Talk to your IT department and refer to this document if needed.

Reach out to [email protected] so we can figure out alternatives.

Technical Information (for IT team)

In order to connect to the platform, a network that supports the following is required:

- Allow WebSocket connections

- Allow connections on ports 80 and 443 via TLS.

- Allow connections on ports 49152-60999 on UDP and TCP.

- Allow connections on port 19302 on UDP and TCP.

Our domains:

- (and wildcard for subdomains, we have quite a few.)

- *

- *

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