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How to use them, tips and tricks

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What are Student Projects?

Student Projects are a great way to get your students building their own 3D rooms. 

Use them as a homework assignment or for project-based learning after a lesson or unit of study.  You can also use them for creative assessments, collaborative projects, interactive storytelling, and real world problem solving.

Example: After a unit of study, a teacher wants her students to demonstrate knowledge about the Roman Empire.

She creates a Student Project based on an empty design, and sends the link out through Google Classroom and asks the students to create their own virtual museum about Julius Ceasar.

Her students get their own 3D rooms where they have access to the creation tools and can add 3D models, pictures, text, audio, GIFs, videos and more to demonstrate knowledge.

Each Student Project has an unique link that students will open up. The Student Rooms are available on your dashboard, where you can monitor them and provide feedback as they build.  

After they're finished, the rooms become artifacts of learning. They can be used to show learning progress over time and even become digital portfolio pieces

Creating a Student Project

To create an assignment, click on "Student Project" on the sidebar, and then click "New Student Project" in the top right corner.

Here the wizard will guide you through creation.

You will chose a design that will be the basis of all student rooms. This can be an empty room, a room you've already created or prepared, or a template room from the Explore page.

Next, you can optionally write instructions for the students. These will pop up when the students open their rooms.

Some examples of instructions:

- Demonstrate photosynthesis by using 3D models and pictures

- Present Chapter 2 of our history book back to me in 3D

- Make a gallery based on your favorite artist.

- Make a memory palace to help you study for the next exam.

After creating the Student Project

After creating the Student Project, you will get an unique link to send out.

When the students click the link, they will be faced with either:

- Write their name to create a room

- Create or join a group

depending on if the assignment was set to Individual or Group mode.

This link can be sent to as many students as you want. You can even send the link to every single student in your entire school or district.

When students click the link and create their rooms, their rooms will show up in the Student Project tab when you click "View Student Rooms".

From this menu you can monitor and visit any room at any time.

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