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Learn about room security, permissions and user management

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Room Security

When you create a room, your room is accessed through an unique link.

Anyone with this link may visit your room, but only you are able to manage and edit it.

The link contains an unique code (For example megaminds.world/abcdefg12345) and is difficult to guess.

Make sure you send the link only to people who need access to your room.

From the Room List, you have access to more security controls by clicking the Lock Icon:

Locking a room

When you toggle "Lock Room", the following happens:

- Users who open the link will get a message that the room is locked

- You can still open the room as normal

Changing what visitors can do in your room

You can change the following permissions of your room:

- Enable Chat

When enabled, the visitors can communicate with the use of chat messages.

- Enable Reactions

When enabled, visitors are able to spawn emojis in front of them as reactions.

- Enable Hand Raising

When enabled, allows the use of Raise Hand button

- Enable Microphone

When enabled, visitors can communicate with voice communication / microphones in the room

- Enable Webcam and Screen Sharing

When enabled, allows the sharing of webcam and screen in the room.

- Enable Stickynotes

When enabled, allows the usage of Stickynotes. Stickynotes are messages that users can leave around the room.

- Enable Picture Uploads

When enabled, allows the usage of the Picture Upload feature. When enabled, visitors will be able to send screenshots from the room that will appear under "Submissions" in your dashboard.

- Enable Edit Mode

When enabled, allows any visitor full edit functionality in the room, as if they were an owner of the room.

Room permissions allow you to control how the users can interact and communicate within the room.

For example, a teacher may wish to disable chat and voice communication.

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