Guide to Assigned Rooms

How to use them, tips and tricks

Edvard Ødegaard

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What are assigned rooms?

Assignments is a way to distribute copies of your room to others.

When opening the link, users will write a name (such as their own name, or a group name) and get their own copy of the room you decide to assign.

Example:  A teacher wants her students to demonstrate knowledge about the Roman Empire.

She creates an empty room, enables Assignment Mode, and sends the link out through Google Classroom.

Students now get their own rooms where they have access to build tools and can insert 3D models, pictures, text and more to demonstrate knowledge.

When you enable Assignment Mode for a room, anyone who visits the link gets the following prompt:

After clicking "Create":

- The user is redirected to their own room, and can edit it.

- The new room is listed on "View Rooms" from your dashboard, like shown in the image below:

Tips and Tricks

You can lock and unlock an assignment from the Room Security menu:

Locking an assignment does the following:

- Disables creation of new rooms

- Disables access to all room copies

- You can still access the rooms and create new ones

You can use the lock feature to disable further activities by users, for example at a deadline. You still have access, so you can go in and review the rooms at your own pace.

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